Effective online advertising is one that does not deter the user or subscriber, but only encourages them to make an informed purchasing decision, subscribe to a mailing list or visit our site again. Social media, banner ads or mailing have become too intrusive for users, which has a significant impact on reducing conversions and wasting money invested in advertising. So, what can replace traditional forms of online advertising? The solution can be... alerts directly from the browser.

Banner blindness - how to lose on a traditional form of advertising

At a time when websites have been filled with traditional but also exceptionally invasive advertising media, web users more and more often reach for solutions blocking the display of ubiquitous banners, skyscrapers or pop-ups, carrying the "message" to the user. Adblock, Adblock Plus, Ghosters and other popular blocking systems have not been created to the anger of advertising agencies or business owners, but only out of the need to surf on clear pages without squeezing between banner ads.

Due to the ubiquity of these forms of advertising and their popularity, network users have also become much less susceptible to colorful, blinking ads, which significantly reduces the profitability of investments in banner advertising.

Mailing? No, thank you for SPAM

Daily use of e-mail is also quite a challenge for the average network user, all the more so when using the boxes offered by popular websites. Additionally, by clicking tens and often hundreds of websites every day, they are bombarded with requests to subscribe to a Youtube channel or subscribe to an online store mailing list.

And even though the decision to subscribe was made deliberately by the user, its overload and popularity make the average Internet user, despite subscribing to our newsletter, become blind to the message it contains, and this again translates into reduced conversion and loss of funds by our company.

Advertising campaign

Social media - a bulletin board instead of a community

Until recently, the idea of social networking sites was to create places where users could share their experiences, photos or passions. As time has shown, the growing popularity of Facebook, Instagram or Twitter has also attracted to them all sorts of advertisers and although the effectiveness of social media advertising campaigns is high, their huge popularity makes it increasingly difficult to reach the client or user, all the more so by a small company, which is afraid of users losing to the biggest players.

Get ahead of the competition in two clicks

So how to encourage a network user to visit our site again, send him/her information about the news in our online store or subscribe to our company blog? A perfect tool turned out to be notifications directly in the browser, thanks to which our service, blog or online shop can send a message about a new promotion or an interesting article to the user at any time. Most importantly, the Internet user does not even have to be on our website - they will receive a notification from us as soon as they turn on their browser.

How does it work? When you enter our website, you automatically receive a request from your browser to agree to the notification. When you click "yes", you are signed up for a subscription, so that we can immediately get a potential customer and communicate with them by sending them the latest information about promotions or new articles on our site. Importantly, we can send out messages to all subscribers at the same time and at any time.

To start using this form of communication, it is enough to implement a simple system on our website. One of the companies implementing such a solution is nowykanal.pl, and as its owner convinces, the installation is extremely cheap, but most importantly, the conversion from notifications is much higher than from other forms of communication.