The Hybris system is used by the biggest ones: Coca-Cola, Nespresso, Nikon, and in Poland Orange, Auchan, Tui, Komfort. Adam Kołodziej, a SI-eCommerce expert, talks about the benefits of using the omnichannel e-commerce system.

In order to gain an advantage over the competition, trade and service companies must not only stand out in terms of price or quality of products. The key is to offer customers a convenient and easy form of purchase. Therefore, companies outdo each other in launching new sales channels: stationary, Internet and mobile shops, call centers, creating innovative customer service points, service packages, catalogues. - Communication with customers and recognition of their needs is currently the key to success. However, the more channels, the more expensive it becomes. The Hybris system is a uniform platform that allows to integrate and thus streamline all these processes - says Adam Kołodziej, Technical Director at SI-eCommerce, a company belonging to the Impel Group, which was the first in Poland to become an authorized seller of the Hybris platform.

Benefits for the seller and the customer

Hybris Omnichannel software enables integration of all sales activities, both retail and business. - It processes orders efficiently, guarantees timely deliveries, supports the generation of website traffic, facilitates the creation of content, and contributes to a positive corporate image. It attracts customers and makes them remain loyal to the brand - says SI-eCommerce expert. Hybris can serve several brands of an entrepreneur simultaneously. It is able to control multiple language versions of an online store and offer a different price list in each country, while maintaining full functionality.

All this allows the entrepreneur to save time and money. But using Hybris also benefits customers. - The system guesses the needs, supports in the choice of the product and guides through the purchase process - says Adam Kołodziej and gives an example: - The customer finds information about the product in social media, with one click he is redirected to a website where he gains full knowledge about the article (or service) and can make a purchase in the way he wants.

Sales system

Uniqueness of the Hybris system

With such enormous possibilities, Hybris remains simple to use and extremely efficient. - Millions of customers around the world can simultaneously use the platform, communicate, enter data, make purchases, modify contracts and customize service packages. Another system would not be able to handle this in real time. It would operate very slowly or not at all, or would not be able to handle so many tasks at once," notes the expert. - It is written in a very popular programming language, which allows for its efficient modification, depending on the needs of the seller. It works on all devices, it does not require any additional work in this respect. The implementation time depends on the level of complexity of the company's organization, sometimes it takes many months. However, huge cash benefits and subsequent time savings are worth it.

How to choose an implementation partner?

Deciding to implement the Hybris system, companies are faced with choosing a partner who will implement the solution in their organization. The system itself is a proven product with an established reputation all over the world, but it is the choice of the right partner that can make a difference to the whole venture. - Successful implementation means not only providing the client with the IT solution itself. It is also a package of complementary services such as consulting, application support, crew training, subsequent administration of the system and its service," Adam Kołodziej mentions. - Therefore, when choosing a company that will undertake it, one should pay attention to its experience on the Polish and foreign markets, financial stability and openness, i.e. individual approach to the customer. The dynamically developing eCommerce market requires continuous improvement of knowledge and acquisition of new skills. The partner who will ensure this, guarantees the success of the whole undertaking - stresses the expert of SI-eCommerce company.