Well maintained fingernails are the basis of beautifully looking hands. To make them look impeccable and complete the styling, it is worth to paint them with nail polish. What kind of emulsion to choose to make the effect delight us?

Types of nail polishes

There are many different types of nail polish on the market. They are mainly used to decorate our hands. However, they can also take care of the nail plate, nourishing it and making it less vulnerable to damage, breakage and delamination.

There's no denying that beautifully painted nails complement the female image. Therefore, taking into account the finish they offer, we can distinguish:

  • Colourless lacquers - they are colourless, but they shine beautifully on the tile, guaranteeing a natural effect. They usually contain nutrients that additionally care for the tile,
  • Transparent varnishes - give the effect of light clearance. They are usually used when performing French manicure. These products are distinguished by their delicate, milky tint,
  • opalescent (reflexive) varnishes - thanks to their multi-colour effect, they are extremely impressive. The colour on the tile changes depending on the angle of light incidence,
  • Matt varnishes - do not give gloss, but have very good covering properties. They are usually used as a base for decorations,
  • Pearl varnishes - have a high gloss, but limited covering properties. They work particularly well as a final manicure layer,
  • Mirror varnishes - they are very impressive. They imitate a mirror, perfectly reflecting light,
  • holographic lacquers - they give a 3D effect, thanks to the incident light the colour shines in different directions,
  • Cracking lacquers - as the name suggests, a few minutes after application the lacquer begins to crack, creating interesting patterns on the tile. Usually these varnishes are used as a second layer,
  • Fluorescent varnishes - glow in the dark with an intense and sharp colour,
  • sand varnishes - thanks to them we obtain a rough, sandy surface of the tile, which shines with shiny particles.

Ranking of nail polishes

The multitude of paints available on the market makes choosing the right one a challenge. An Amfora.pl shop expert advises that the choice should be guided not only by the finishing effect of a given paint, but also by the opinions of satisfied users. For this purpose, we have created a ranking of nail polishes, which are very popular.

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear - is characterized by high resistance to external factors. It also has a deep colour and is easy to spread.

5th Benecos Nail Polish - is a colourless lacquer, beautifully glossy plate and has a hypoallergenic formula. Thanks to it, the nails look fully natural.

4. Bell Hypoallergenic Long Lasting Nail Enamel - gives a pearl finish that looks beautiful. The modern formula of the lacquer allows air to pass through, allowing for oxygenation of the tile.

3. Delia Size M - it is worth mentioning that the varnishes from this series do not contain formaldehyde, parabens and toulene. They provide high durability and nice color.

2. Rimmel 60 Seconds Super Shine Nail Polish - nail polish from this series owes its popularity to saturated colors, long-lasting shine and good durability of the obtained coat,

1. Rimmel Super Gel - lacquers from this series allow to obtain a gel manicure effect without the need to use a UV lamp. The hardening provides natural light. The user's satisfaction is also influenced by the intensity of available colours.

In summary, there are many nail polishes available on the market. When choosing the optimal variant, it is worthwhile to consider first of all, what finishing and colour effect we want to achieve. It can be in harmony with our styling or be its opposite. While choosing, it is worth to take into account the satisfaction of other users, by browsing the rankings of nail polishes available on-line.

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