Facebook, according to many online marketing specialists, is currently the easiest and most effective way to actively appear on the Internet. We suggest how to run a company profile to be successful.

Social Media Marketing

Social media, due to their huge popularity and advertising potential, constitute a marketing communication channel that no company can ignore today. Due to the specific nature of these platforms, a special field of social media marketing has emerged within online marketing. It is a set of principles and rules for marketing communication in social media. However, it is not enough to stick to them to succeed. You also need experience and some kind of social intuition related to new media. These competences are usually only available to specialists, for example those creating SocialElite. However, if you have the courage to run a Facebook profile on your own, it is worth knowing the most important rules in this area.

  1. Listen to your customers - don't forget that Facebook is a two-way medium with great potential for dialogue. It is an ideal place not only to establish closer relations with customers, but also a source of feedback on the company's services and products.
  2. Don't focus only on advertising - Facebook is not an advertising tube, but a social networking site, therefore, on your profile, also publish materials not only related specifically to your company, but also the entire industry (in practice, there are often 4:1 proportions, of which four posts are directly related to our company, and one concerns industry issues - news, market analysis, etc.). In this way, you will increase the number of viewers and reach a much wider audience.
  3. Publish only valuable content - value-added content, whether practical, theoretical or entertaining, is the best way to stand out from the competition and attract the attention of a large number of users. Make your brand be associated with high quality content, If you succeed, there is a chance that users will also associate your products with high quality.
  4. Get involved in action - create content that encourages you to act according to the principle of involvement and consistency, known in social psychology. If we succeed in engaging users to act together with the company (not only to share actions, but also to comment on posts and distribute them), it is likely that they will then consistently choose our products.
  5. Create viral content - the main potential of social media is that in a short time you can reach a huge number of people around the world, not only those who are observers of our profile. The latter can be reached by means of viral content, which will be distributed by the users themselves.
  6. Use influential people - influence marketing is a very fashionable and effective way of promoting products and services today. Invite people known to work with you and let them express themselves on your company profile.
  7. Keep up to date - remember that social media users are active and curious about the world, who want to keep their hands on the pulse of current world events. Try to make sure that all posts refer to the latest issues and problems, also follow the latest trends, not only in your field.
  8. Create the image of a specialist - Facebook, through the publication of specific posts, is an excellent tool to create the image of a specialist in the industry. Such an image of the company in the social consciousness is a very valuable value, after all, it is known that customers are more willing to use the products of recognized and reputable manufacturers, which they are convinced are familiar with.
  9. Don't sleep - social media users practically don't sleep, if they fall asleep in Warsaw, they wake up in Sydney.
  10. Be patient - running a company Fanpage on Facebook, as SocialElite specialists point out, is a long-term strategy and it is difficult to expect an immediate effect. It's a process of building a community and expanding its reach. However, if we manage to do that, we will be able to count on a spectacular success, not only in terms of image, but also sales.


And although running a company's Facebook profile is a demanding undertaking, it is worth the commitment and effort because of the huge sales potential. In the era when a website is slowly becoming a virtual artifact, there is probably no better way to appear on the Internet today.

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