On the Internet you can find many sites with ads, thanks to which you can find your new property. Sasiedzki.pl stands out against this background. Why?

Sasiedzki.pl is not an ordinary portal with announcements. It is an aggregation of advertisements. What does it mean in practice? It is not a website where property owners can directly place their ads. The aggregate automatically searches many different sites with ads. What does this mean for you, the person looking for real estate?

All offers in one place

When you start looking for a flat, house or other property, you quickly find out that there are not only many offers, but also advertisement portals. Both national and local. There are different offers on each of them. Many seekers decide to browse several different portals almost every day, which means they waste a lot of time.

You can also set yourself an email notification option, but you'll soon realize that your inbox is clogged with a lot of emails that are actually spamming and that are quickly becoming irrelevant to you.

Sasiedzki.pl is a portal where you will find offers from many different sites with ads. They will be sorted by your criteria, so you can easily find yourself in search results. The page with search results is very legible. You do not have to open the page with your ad to learn the most important information:

  • Price
  • Number of rooms (if applicable)
  • The area
  • Exact location

This way you open only those ads that you think are worthy of closer attention.

Ease of search

On the website you can not only easily browse the ads, but you can also easily find them all. The layout of this unit is easy to read. As soon as you enter the site you will notice a search engine. You can clearly specify:

  • What kind of real estate are you looking for - flat, house, plot of land, etc.?
  • Type of ownership - buying or renting
  • Location of real estate - city or county

After defining the criteria you will get the results you are interested in. You can easily sort them according to such criteria as price or the date of adding the ad. You can also specify the exact price of the property you are interested in. This way you can narrow down your search results and get even better results.

New option - price history

Sasiedzki.pl also offers an option which is not offered by ordinary ad portals. This is a history of real estate price. You will find this option with every ad. Thanks to this you can check if the owner has recently changed the price in the ad. This can tell you a lot about the real value of the apartment or house.

A drop in the price of the property may indicate that the property has been in the market for a long time or that the owners care about time and want to sell the property quickly. This can be a sign of a quick and smooth transaction.

And what if the price has risen? Perhaps the owner has left a margin to negotiate in order not to lose on the sale of the apartment and get exactly the amount he or she wants. Sometimes it also happens that the landlord is not able to properly value his property and only after issuing an ad does he realize what the right price is.

Why is it worth using Sasiedzki.pl? To sum up - you will get here access to many different offers in a very simple way. The search is very intuitive and the offers are described in a clear and transparent way. At Sasiedzki.pl you will quickly find out if there are any offers in the area that interest you. For example, to find apartments for sale in BochniaSelect the desired city in the filter options, and then select the next options you are interested in, i.e. Bochnia -> Flats -> Sales. After clicking the button "Search" you will receive offers from all popular real estate sales sites in Bochnia. Truly simple, right? ;)