Every 5th customer prefers to pick up the parcel at the collection point instead of delivering it home. Ordering shipments to selected points is one of the market trends. Such a solution is gaining more and more supporters and more and more places offer this service.

- We know from various market studies that about 20% of customers are willing to pick up a package at the point. This is also related to its size, as a smaller, lighter one is easier to pick up on the way," says newsrm.tv Anna Kania-Okieńczyc, Marketing Director at DHL Parcel Polska and adds. - Matching customers' expectations and creating a network of solutions that make it easier for them to receive purchases they make online is a market trend. The companies prepare a range of solutions. In our case it is a network of pick-up points, but also an efficient system of redirecting a parcel, where the customer can manage how he wants to pick up the shipment.

The purchases we made in the online store can already be picked up in a traditional store, e.g. Żabka and Freshmarket have signed an agreement with DHL Parcel. The shops will be included in the network of DHL collection and delivery points. In total, the network of pick-up points will increase by over 4550 shops all over Poland.

Innovative pickup

- The process of collecting a parcel works on very simple rules. When the package is waiting at the point, the customer receives an SMS with a PIN code. It is with this code that the customer receives the package at a convenient time for himself. The points operate from 6 am to 11 pm. Parcels wait for the customer for 7 days - explains Anna Kania-Okieńczyc.

The development plan of cooperation between DHL Parcel and Żabka Polska assumes a fast pace of implementation of Żabka and Freshmarket stores into the partner point network. In the first phase of the project, by the end of May, the service will be launched in 218 shops in the Mazovia region. By the end of September, it is planned to implement the service in another 4332 points. Thanks to the cooperation, the parcel collection network will reach 6100 points by the end of the year.

Source: newsrm.tv