Buying the cheapest equipment from not very popular brands does not pay off in the long run. This type of equipment breaks down faster and often also does not impress in terms of functionality. Poles are much more willing to buy branded household appliances than years ago. What kind of devices are they and what are they valued for?

Built-in appliances - much more popular than before

Built-in appliances are, mainly, the domain of kitchen arrangements. Until recently, fridges, ovens, hobs, dishwashers and microwaves were mainly chosen in a free-standing version, and nowadays more and more people decide to buy built-in variants. Why this change? There are many indications that more and more people are opting for more solid arrangements of the whole kitchen. Free-standing furniture is chosen less frequently (mainly in budget and rental arrangements), and more often built-in and customized furniture is used, which makes it possible to use built-in household appliances without any problems.

The appliances in the kitchen are not conspicuous, are subtle and do not disturb the interior design. Some people decide to leave a single household appliance in a free-standing version - most often it is a fridge or cooker, and this is connected with the interesting design of these appliances. Some fridges can be retro-style, and freestanding stoves can also take on an extremely interesting and striking form.

Washing machines - the more energy-efficient and functional, the better

The change in purchasing trends has not bypassed the department with washing machines. Consumers more and more often choose appliances in the highest possible energy class. This is dictated both by the desire to save on operating costs, as well as by the increasing ecological awareness of the society. Samsung washing machine from the latest collections allows not only to save water and electricity, but also to wash clothes much more delicate, and still effective. Washing machines of well-known and valued brands are also popular because of the fact that these companies are associated with high quality and trouble-free service.

Vacuum cleaners - increasingly popular bagless and automatic models

Until recently, Polish homes were dominated by vacuum cleaners with a bag that had to be regularly replaced, which generated unnecessary costs. Bags for vacuum cleaners are more and more difficult to access, because more and more devices do not use them for operation anymore. They can be purchased mainly in larger supermarkets, specialist shops and online. This makes more and more people decide to replace their vacuum cleaner with a model without a bag - the operation is cheaper and easier, and the vacuuming results also seem better.

It may also come as a surprise that battery vacuum cleaners in vertical, car and automatic versions are also becoming increasingly popular. The high price is no longer a barrier element, as more and more households can afford a one-time expense of this type.

Coffee machines - more and more people are choosing to buy them

The times when you have been drinking at most soluble coffee or the so-called spitting are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Today, more and more people are choosing to buy pressurised coffee machines, but also equipment for alternative coffee brewing. This is due to the general popularity of different brewing methods and the availability of more and more niche types of coffee, from small roasters and in speciality quality.

Many people decide to buy a capsule machine because it is so easy and convenient that you don't need any special skills to brew coffee with this machine. Others prefer automatic or flasked pressure machines, which gives them much more possibilities. Also popular are overflow coffee machines and a whole range of other solutions for good coffee lovers.

Dishwashers are slowly becoming a standard in every kitchen.

Until recently it could be considered that having a dishwasher at home is something special and a kind of luxury, but today it is a standard appliance found in most kitchens. Dishwashers are now more easily accessible, their prices are not exorbitant and their functionality is tempting to make room for them in the kitchen.

Time is precious, and washing dishes is not the most pleasant activity. The possibility of washing dishes in an automated way means, in practice, fewer duties and more time for yourself and your family. So it is hardly surprising that so many people decide to buy a dishwasher and not necessarily the cheapest model. Built-in dishwashers are particularly popular. Devices that are often chosen have several different modes, which increases their functionality.

High-end appliances definitely surpass the cheapest proposals, not only in terms of functionality, but also aesthetics, and this is increasingly important when arranging interiors. It is also hard to be surprised by such, and not other, purchasing trends, as branded household appliances usually have a much better reputation, are distinguished by higher quality of workmanship, and often have a longer warranty period and trouble-free service, which cannot be said of the cheapest devices on the market.