Why is it worth having a blog?

The main purpose of having a company blog is to create a place where potential customers can find information and materials that will encourage them to make a purchase or take advantage of the offer.

What should be on a blog?

Remember that when a customer is interested in a product or service, he does not use the Internet just to make a purchase - he usually looks for the information or opinions of other customers. That's why the main purpose of a company blog should be to provide information, so you can make decisions and purchases easier. If you don't do it, be sure your competitors will do it and the customer will decide on a product about which he has complete information. That's why blogging content should be formulated in a less aggressive way than advertising - it's meant to make it easier to buy, not to encourage it at all costs.

What kind of content should I start with?

If you are an entrepreneur, start by telling your own story. You had the courage to make your dreams come true, so you should definitely be proud of yourself! These kinds of stories are very popular, and readers can identify with you and make emotional contact. As Maya Angelou once said, "People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget the emotions you gave them. These kinds of stories build trust and loyalty among customers, and this is very important because there is no better advertising than a satisfied customer. What's more, you can count on good ratings from Yelp, Google Maps or TripAdvisor. As we have already mentioned, customers on the Internet are primarily looking for information about the product, so flattering opinions of other users are invaluable to them.

In addition, this type of content is much more "viral" in social media than more advertising, so even a user who is not decided to buy at a given moment can remember about it when that time comes.

You can also tell the story of customers who already use your products or services, or write an interesting article about the problems we face every day and your product can help them. The key to success is to focus not on the product itself, but to see the stories that your product or service can create around you. Take a car rental company, for example - a good idea for an article would be "Three routes to explore the most beautiful corners of Europe". - you don't tell directly about your services, but you show their wider context, you tell a story that can happen with their participation.

Running a company blog

What's SEO? Is it important for my blog?

SEO is an abbreviation derived from the English language (Search Engine Optimisation) and means a set of activities that affect the visibility and position of a website in search engine results, such as Google or Bing. There are many factors that determine the position of a website in search engine results, such as appropriate grammar and spelling, the number of visits to your website, the number of articles and comments underneath, but also the number of keywords contained in the texts. Keywords are phrases thanks to which the algorithm identifies the content on the website and links it with the user's query - after all, by typing "car rental" in Google we want to see only the results concerning car rental, and not e.g. the results of LOTTO drawing in 2012. If the website will be "readable" for search engines, and will be rich in valuable authorial content, its results in Google will certainly be very good.

Continuing with the example of a car rental company - if someone wants to rent a car, and does not know where to do it, they will probably enter a "cheap car rental company" in the search engine. If your website is among the first three search results, it has good SEO. This is why the blog is so important - it gives users more chances to reach your website. Each entry can be the answer to a different query entered in your web browser.

For this reason, it is important to remember that when creating content for a blog you have to feel like a customer for a while and answer questions - why should I care about this product, what my needs are, how can I find information about it on the Internet, etc.? In this way we will create content that will also have a good impact on the SEO of our site, but it will also be natural. If we focus too much on creating content strictly for search engines, e.g. we will repeat key words (so-called pretzels) over and over again, the effects will be opposite to those intended, including a penalty in Google (our website will disappear from the search engine, or fall very far in the search results). The trick is to skillfully create content that is attractive to users, but at the same time to cleverly smuggle in content that is "attractive" also for search engine algorithms.

Depending on what results you are counting on, how much time and resources you can spend on running and developing your company blog, you have two options: you can focus on it on your own, or rely on the help of professionals who are willing to take on this task for you and already have experience. Platforms like StarOfService allow you to quickly and easily find specialists for your orders.