First, trust

Building the image of a trusted sender is an extremely important issue. This increases the chances of opening and familiarizing yourself with the content of our mailing. It is worth remembering about a credible signature, which, when used regularly, is memorable to the recipient. The address is also important - use only your company address and do not send from popular mailboxes. It is also worth using a professional mailing platform. They offer no possibility to perform a test, and help to avoid mistakes that discourage the recipient and put the sender in a bad light.

Appreciate your best customers

In communication, the best customers must not be forgotten. It is important to obtain as much information about them as possible, e.g. by asking them to fill in a questionnaire. Thanks to the acquired information you can send them e.g. birthday newsletters with wishes and promotions to make them feel special. Such customers most often qualify for the most loyal group - they open more than 70% of their shipments. They often watch them because they have already selected the goods and are waiting for the best opportunities. They often come back to a given shop again and it happens that despite a lower price from the competition they will choose your shop because you are a proven contractor for it.

Convince the unconvinced

The statistics also speak of a medium and low loyalty group. The first one includes addresses whose openness is at the level of 25-70%. The second includes those with a rate of less than 25%. Such consumers are also worth fighting for. Their interest in your offer may increase when you become interested in them. To convince them of your offer you can send them personalized emails once in a while with specially prepared discounts or free shipping. This often makes consumers try to buy a product in your shop. After the transaction, it is worth returning to them with thanks and a question whether they are satisfied with the service and goods. Such action will show them that they are important to you.

A proven base

The basis for effective shipping is a good e-mail base. There are two sources of addresses: own or external database. If you do not have your own database it is worth to start working on collecting the addresses you are interested in. Unfortunately, this is time-consuming. It is possible to use for this purpose, among others, forms on the website, current contacts with customers, proposals directed to them to subscribe to the newsletter, etc. In the meantime, it is worthwhile to use the services of companies that offer mailings to external databases. This will also allow you to collect new e-mail addresses to your own database. However, it should be remembered that building your own database gives the best results, because people who are interested in what a given company does or sells subscribe there. It is worth remembering that these people have voluntarily agreed to communicate, which makes it possible for them to join the group of long-term consumers if they are not loyal customers.

Matching e-mails

Accurate message

It is important to make the shipment transparent. Eye-tracking research shows what the recipients pay attention to above all. The results show not to exaggerate the length of the text and best use pictures of human faces that attract attention and build trust. The most important content should be placed on top of the template. Also, one should not forget to use a clear call for action (call-to-action), which will not only encourage to do the right thing but also suggest what will happen next.

How often, on what days and at what times to send?

In e-mail marketing often, does not mean well or effectively. Excess messages discourage the consumer, which in turn contributes to unsubscribe. You should not send mailing less frequently than once a month, and it is best to send every 14 days. The day of the week and time of the day are also important.

As research shows, you should avoid weekends and Mondays, because then the rate of openings and clicks is the lowest. Marketers propose to send mailings on Tuesdays or Thursdays. As far as the hours are concerned, the best results are achieved by sending out the hours: 9:00-11:00 and 13:00-15:00. It is best to test the different time options of the content we send out to find the best time for your target group.

Responsability is the basis

It should not be forgotten that more and more often mailboxes are checked from mobile devices. Due to the fact that access to mailboxes is possible almost everywhere, it is worth keeping in mind that every shipment is responsive.

Mailing campaigns can be an effective way to achieve your business goal and build lasting brand relationships with your customers. However, for this to happen, they need to be carefully prepared. Almost every customer uses his or her e-mail address when shopping online, so such communication is mandatory these days. If you do not follow the rules of effective e-mail marketing, your work and time devoted to it will not bring the expected results.