Edding was founded in 1960 in Germany. It was then that its founders Edding and Ledermann started to produce markers. The first, still legendary product is the universal marker Edding No1. It became a true precursor of a whole generation of markers for various applications. The company started to develop dynamically. In a short time, subsidiaries were established in Japan and England, and in 1986 it was transformed into a public limited company, whose shares were listed on the stock exchange. Currently, Edding employs over 600 people. Every year about 2000 million markers and markers are produced. The products of Edding International GmbH reach 70 countries around the world. In addition to these markers, the offer includes pens, pens, etc. Edding's offer At present, Edding's offer is very wide and no longer includes only markers, of which the brand was initially most famous. It includes, among others:

  • designed for professional marking of permanent inks and markers,
  • accessories for dry-wear boards,
  • flipchart markers,
  • disposable thin markers and rollers,
  • pens and ink cartridges,
  • pens of various types, including ball and gel pens,
  • Ink erasers,
  • erasers for smearing,
  • scissors and replaceable knife blades,
  • markers for refreshing joints and furniture,
  • repair kits for furniture and floors,
  • clothing and tire markers,
  • porcelain pens,
  • lacquered and textile markers,
  • Felt-tipped pens,
  • ordinary, textile and glass markers for children,
  • floor display systems,
  • toners and printer cartridges etc.

highlighter Edding

The company attaches great importance to ecology. That is why it has introduced modern production methods that take into account material processing, the use of photovoltaic systems to obtain solar energy and recycled paper. A large part of Edding products can be re-filled a second time or replaced with a new one. Edding marker - drawing quality The Edding marker range is impressive and very wide. One of the most interesting propositions is the dry-wear board pens. They can be easily wiped dry from most smooth surfaces - glass, enamel or melamine. They are light-resistant and quick-drying. Interestingly, they do not dry out even after a few days without a stopper. They are also suitable for refilling. In industrial use, painted markers are very popular. They are perfect for both smooth and porous surfaces. They are also highly resistant to abrasion and even very high temperatures (some are visible in temperatures up to 1000 degrees Celsius). An adjustable valve allows you to regulate the ink supply to the marker tip. Edding is also famous for the production of specialty markers, e.g. for writing piles of X-ray film, leather, used in sterile rooms, aviation industry etc. Markers for grout refreshing are used, for example, to refresh the white of a grout between tiles, ceramic tiles and glaze in rooms such as kitchen or bathroom. Edding markers with engine oil are irreplaceable for protecting rubber surfaces such as gaskets. Markers designed for furniture also work well. They effectively repair and protect small scratches and damages on furniture or veneers. All this is due to good quality matt ink that preserves wooden surfaces. In the case of frozen food, on the other hand, a marker working even at low temperatures is useful. It does not contain xylene or toulene, so it does not give off an unpleasant smell and works well in contact with food. An interesting proposition is also high quality chalk lacquers used for writing on chalkboards, shop windows, glass and other smooth surfaces. The ink is visible even on dark and transparent surfaces. It is water-based, so you only need a damp cloth to wash it off.

Edding's permanent marker

Permanent markers, Edding highlighters available on the website: https://sklep.lobos.pl/products?query=edding are used for marking, writing and making various markings on most known materials, including metal, plastic or glass. Their big advantage is ink - waterproof and quick-drying, which does not fade under the influence of light and is resistant to abrasion. Additionally, it does not emit an unpleasant smell as it does not contain toulene or xylene. The markers can be refilled and reused. They are of course available in several colours to choose from - black, red, green and blue. Edding's EcoLine permanent markers are made from 96% recycled materials. In addition, you can buy ink in a bottle with a convenient capillary dosing system. To refill the marker you only need to place it in the ink bottle with the tip facing down and wait about an hour until it is ready for use again. An alternative is ink with a drip dispenser.