The demand for specialists in the financial sector is growing - only in the first quarter of 2017 over 16 thousand job offers appeared in this category in one advertising service. Obtaining a client advisor or a financial intermediary, with the current very good economic situation on the Polish labour market, is more difficult than a few years ago, so companies are reaching for new solutions, also from external partners.

Financial institutions face new recruitment challenges. On the one hand, there is a continuing high demand from financial industry specialists. Banking, finance, insurance are the sectors in which, according to, immediately after trade and sales in Q1 2017, the greatest demand for employees was recorded (12% share in the total, i.e. 138 089 ads). Companies are mainly looking for sellers, customer service specialists and financial specialists.

On the other hand, we are dealing with an increasingly strong trend in the employee market. In March 2017, the lowest unemployment rate in 25 years was recorded, which, according to the Central Statistical Office, amounted to 8.1 percent. This causes some companies in the financial sector to face problems in attracting employees, especially middle and higher level specialists.

Investment in an employee

We are dealing with a situation in which jobseekers have a choice from many offers available on the market. In order to increase their competitiveness on the employers' market, financial institutions must think about the development of investments in the employee.

Karolina Troszak, Director of Business Support and Development Department of Sales Group, a company operating, among others, on the financial intermediary market, specializing in the outsourcing of sales forces and HR processes: "The basis should be to offer an employment contract, non-wage benefits, an extensive training system or, going further, a loyalty program that will make it easier for us to recruit an employee and then maintain him or her, which is extremely important in a situation of high turnover in the market".

Demand for financiers

Help from an experienced partner from the industry

In order to meet the challenges dictated by the global trend of the employee market, especially in the case of large companies and financial corporations, outsourcing of processes related to building and maintaining staff can also be helpful.

Piotr Tabor Managing Director of Sales Group: "The financial industry, and not only that, is increasingly aware that it can benefit from a business model based on the outsourcing of selected areas of the company's processes. This is confirmed by our results - over the years 2012-2016 we have more than tripled the number of employees in our company, performing activities within the scope of outsourcing of services".

For example, the recruitment service from an external partner allows for:

  • Freeing the company from the process of looking for potential employees.
  • Pre-selection of candidates.
  • Conducting the first recruitment interviews with the selection of candidates and recommendations for employment.

Organizations in the financial sector also go further, giving into the hands of the partner the HR and payroll, administrative, legal and training processes. Some of them are repetitive processes in which the extension of competences within the company is less profitable. It is possible to hire a specialized, competent and often cheaper external company for this purpose. In such a situation the institution can focus on its main activity.