Looking for a job that will allow you to do it without leaving home? Are you tired of fixed working hours, commuting, or tedious co-workers? Take advantage of the opportunities that the Internet gives you! Earning money over the Internet is at your fingertips for anyone who is determined and has the right skills.

Types of work online

You can do many different things online. Especially popular and proven are: copywriting, survey clicking, text translation, blogging, Youtube channel running, tutoring remotely, internet sales. As you can see, there are really many possibilities. The professions that make this kind of work possible are mainly: journalist, translator, copywriter, graphic designer, teacher, programmer, proofreader. If you are genuinely interested in working online, consider if you have any of the above skills. Maybe you studied philology and could give tutoring online? Or do you have a journalistic flair and a lot of power? Maybe you like writing and feel like you could be a copywriter? If you're a young person who doesn't know what to do so far and you want to earn a few dozen to several hundred zlotys a month, then be interested in filling in and entering data into surveys. You will feel a little more independent and gain your first experience in remote working.

Working online - offers

There are plenty of job offers online. For this reason, unfortunately, it's easy to be fooled and hit on online fraudsters. Our doubts should be raised above all: the need to make initial payments for the job, the need to send a scan of your identity card or pesel number, the need to send an initial text message or make a phone call to a specific number, as well as the insistence on prepaid training. Let's also beware of careless websites that look like they have been translated by a translator.

Let's look for verified offers and read opinions on particular websites. If you have someone among your friends who does online work, ask them for a few useful links that you can really use. You can find a lot of good job offers on the facebook group "Working in the media". It is also worth checking out the virtualmedia.pl website. If you are looking for a job as a translator, use the offers of the globtra.com or useme.eu portals. If you are looking for a job as a copywriter, use the offers on well-known portals such as OLX, pracuj.pl or Linkedln. Also go to some forum about working online, where experienced users share their practices.

home working

Online surveys - work

Many people are considering a remote job offer, which consists of filling in and entering data into surveys. However, we can often meet with unfavorable opinions about this activity. What does it look like in reality? First of all, you should not be afraid that you will be able to live with your questionnaires. We can only treat them as a casual activity. It is good for those who don't have much time and are looking for an activity that doesn't require intellectual effort. Monthly rates for doing this form of work will vary from 50 to 300 PLN per month. The advantage of this activity is that we do not have to prepare for it beforehand and it does not require any special skills.

Additional work online

Online extra work is a great idea for making up to a fixed salary or an option for those who don't have to work but dream of making a modest profit for small expenses. For this purpose, they are mainly suitable: online sales, e.g. on popular websites such as allegro or olx, translating a small amount of texts, copywriting treated as a casual occupation or filling in questionnaires. You can also cooperate with the editorial office and write texts on topics of interest to us. Initially, we can treat running our own blog as additional work. Usually it's not easy to get out of the way and gain great popularity, so it's best to approach it as a possible source of additional income. Online extra work is also a great idea for pregnant women and new mothers. They don't have to feel completely dependent on their partners and they won't have the feeling that their career is standing still.