REACH is a European Union regulation adopted in order to better protect the environment and human health from the risks that chemicals can pose, while enhancing the competitiveness of the EU chemicals sector. Importantly, it also promotes alternative methods for assessing the risks of chemicals in order to reduce animal testing. What should you know about REACH?

What is REACH?

REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. It applies to all chemicals - both those used in industrial processes and those accompanying people in their daily lives, for example, cleaning products and paints, as well as product components such as clothing, furniture and electrical appliances. The Regulation requires companies to identify and control the risks associated with substances produced and placed on the market in the European Union. They must also demonstrate that the substance can be used safely and inform users about risk reduction measures. The substances that pose the greatest risks should be replaced by less hazardous substitutes.

The REACH regulation sets out ways of collecting and assessing information on the properties of substances and their associated risks. Companies are obliged to register chemical substances and to this end they must cooperate with other companies registering the same substances. Fortunately, there are companies that provide professional advice and assistance in adapting their activities to the REACH guidelines. One such company with a very good reputation both in Krakow and in the Polish market is Consultchem. You can find more information about their profile and their area of activity at - Check it yourself


REACH regulation - the roles of the company

REACH has a significant impact on businesses in many sectors, including those that consider that their activities do not relate to chemicals. According to the Regulation, companies can take on the following roles:

  • Manufacturer - where an undertaking produces chemicals for its own production or for supply to others,
  • Importer - when the company makes any purchases outside the EU/EEA,
  • Downstream users - companies that deal with chemical substances in industrial or professional activities.

REACH Regulation - Safety Data Sheets

Under REACH, any company trading in chemicals is required to keep safety data sheets. It is also often necessary to translate a safety data sheet from another language or create it from scratch. The obligation to develop such a safety data sheet is the responsibility of the supplier who places the product on the market. It happens, however, that SDS do not meet all legal requirements. Therefore, it is very important that safety data sheets are not only translated, but also translated and adapted to the regulations in force in a given country. A good solution is to hand over the management of safety data sheets together with their constant updating to a professional company, which will ensure safety and allow you to focus on your business. Such companies include ConsultChem, advising on chemical documentation. Its mission is to create documentation that not only meets the requirements of legal regulations, but also helps in the safe use of products.