It is not true that in order to find a job you have to send your CV all day long, walk around the company's premises or constantly browse through the advertisements. If you're looking for a new job, but don't have time to devote yourself to it 100 percent, plan your activities so that employers will knock on your door, not the other way around. How do you do that?

First of all, it will be available on the Internet.

The Internet is the biggest ally but also the enemy of every job seeker. Remember that for both you and the recruiter the web is a very important source of all information - in his case about you. So before you start sending your CV, think about what a future employer can find by entering your name in the search engine. - Until a few years ago, there was a belief that in order to take care of your image on the web, all you have to do is organize the content about yourself, get rid of private compromising photos or block profiles in social media so that posts are only visible to your friends. Today, however, if we want the recruiter to notice us, we should instead of completely silencing communication, bet on presenting ourselves from the best side and thus build the position of an expert in a given industry. Systematically updated and supplemented account on LinkedIn or an open profile on Facebook, which we treat not as a private channel, but as a professional business card, are deliberately more and more often undertaken by candidates - says Agnieszka Szczypińska from GP People Employment Agency. - Some of them go a step further and additionally set up their own blogs, discussion groups or forums where they share their knowledge and thus show how well they know about a given topic. This is an excellent thing to do," he adds.

Secondly, be ready here and now

On the one hand, you are already employed by some company, but on the other hand, you realize that a better position, new challenges and a higher salary may await you "just around the corner". So sometimes you look through the ads, see how the industry is changing, but in the end, even if you come across an interesting offer, you give up your application because your CV is out of date and you don't have time to deal with it. And yet, you only need to take a few dozen minutes to prepare a completely new version. Where to start? On the Internet you can find a number of free tools not only suggesting how to create such a document, but also helpful in its correction or graphic design. With the "applicant package" prepared in this way, you will be able to respond to all the announcements that you will notice practically from the machine and effortlessly. Think how many such opportunities have already passed your nose, because you didn't have the current documents at hand and act!

Networking image

Thirdly, let others look for you

If you have already refreshed your CV, but do not have time to search for ads yourself, the job agency can help you - the search for interesting offers is completely free for candidates. Additionally, turning to such an intermediary is also a quick and easy way to consult your career path with a specialist. - Using headhunter's services in many countries is a standard - it is to professional recruiters that people looking for a new position direct their first steps. Such services make the whole recruitment process much easier not only for the employer, but also for the employee, so let's not be afraid to use them - admits Agnieszka Szczypińska from GP People Employment Agency. - It is worth to be aware that HR consulting companies have a much wider range of unique offers. In addition, as opposed to internal HR departments dedicated to only one company, they can offer a given candidate even a few solutions or positions to choose from at the same time - she adds.

Fourth - go to the event

Industry symposia, trainings or meetings are events where you can not only gain additional knowledge but also make valuable contacts. How you present yourself at such a meeting (not only during official speeches, but also backstage conversations) may pay off in the future. So, look through the list of such events organized in your area over the next few months and immediately write them into your calendar. Be an active participant, speak up, ask questions, don't be afraid to talk to representatives of other companies or invited speakers. Distribute business cards, tell us what you do, try to emphasize topics in which you are an expert. Remember, however, to be modest and not treat every discussion as a recruitment interview. Just try to get your attention, and if you do, you will surely be remembered.