Every dentist would like to have his or her own dentist's office. There is a possibility of renting a room, but not every one of them has the appropriate equipment and the Sanepid will not always see such a dental office as fit to function. So how much money does it take to prepare the office?

Fulfillment of the regulations specifying the conditions for offices

The regulations specify many aspects related to dental practices. There should be about 10 to 12 square meters of the office, changing room for employees, bathroom, waiting room and reception. The regulations also prescribe the use of furniture in bright colors, with materials that are easy to keep clean. The most expensive element of the office is its equipment.

Dentist's office equipment

The most expensive piece of equipment is the so-called dental unit, whose price can reach 50 thousand zlotys. This price includes the unit together with the equipment. The basic criterion for selecting a unit should be the possibility of expanding it with new elements and its functionality. The second most expensive cost is the tools necessary to perform treatments. We will buy these tools for about 10 thousand PLN. If we want to be more competitive on the market, we have to equip the office with additional devices such as X-ray camera or ultrasonic lamps. However, it is difficult to determine the specific costs associated with this, due to the very large price variation of these devices.

Dental office equipment

Office equipment and credit

Opening your own dentist's office is a very big expense. You need to buy equipment that is necessary for your core business, but you also need to buy items that will expand your business. To start with, you can reduce your opening costs by buying used equipment. Despite such a procedure, the value of the initial investment may exceed even PLN 100 thousand, which is not a small expense. People who are dentists by profession and have previously worked for someone are not able to set aside such a large amount. For this reason, setting up your own office is very often associated with external financing in the form of credit.

Is it worth having your own office?

Doctors of most specialties have their own offices. Some specialties are more or less besieged. Dental practices are one of the most commonly used by patients. Despite the competition, a lot of patients treat their dentition privately so there are queues in many places. The high cost of initial investment deters beginner dentists. A substitute may be to establish a company with another specialist. This will reduce the initial costs and make profits faster. If partners perform their tasks reliably, satisfied customers will recommend the office to their family and friends, which will result in an increase in the number of patients served and even greater profits.