At a time when putting money on deposit does not generate any real income, it is worth thinking about buying a property. This is one of the safest forms of investment. A steady and reliable profit even convinces you to credit your investment, because the rental income will cover the loan installment and we will still be on the plus side. It is good to start with something small, like a studio apartment.

Although the price per square meter of a small apartment is always higher, the difference will be felt more clearly by spending less on fees and finishing the apartment. It is also easier to sell such an apartment. So a studio apartment seems to be an optimal solution for a beginner pensioner.

It is better to buy new

Choosing a property is worth buying a new apartment. New construction and high standard will always attract tenants. Add to that the renovation costs. It will be easier and cheaper to arrange the space in the building from the developer, because we will miss costly renovations associated, for example, with the replacement of installations. - We carry out investments in many Polish cities. Practically everywhere there is a group of clients who are looking for small apartments for rent, in which the expenditure on finishing will be small and the profits from the lease will be satisfactory - says Monika Golec from Budnex - The clients are most willing to buy apartments that will be ready for collection soon, so that the investment will pay for itself quickly. An example of this can be Starołęcka Dolina in Poznań, where the keys to an apartment will be available for pick-up in three months' time, and a studio apartment costs about 200 thousand PLN - she adds. To the purchase price we have to add costs connected with finishing and arranging the apartment.

Small but functional

The size of the apartment is important for both the buyer and the tenant. The former wants to spend as little as possible, the latter wants to have an attractive and functional flat. When choosing a flat for investment purposes, let's buy one in which we could live alone. Unusual flats are more difficult to arrange, and many modifications may turn out to be impossible. - When designing multi-family buildings we always make every effort to make them as functional as possible. For example, flats in Starolecka Dolina with an area of 33 sq m have a kitchenette, bathroom, living room and bedroom. Such a layout is most sought after by potential tenants. - says Monika Golec from Budnex.

The studio setting

- It is also important that each such studio apartment has a balcony. In most cases, it is 12 sqm. This increases the value of the property and certainly makes it easier to sell it when we need free funds again. - It adds. When deciding on the choice of apartment, it is also worth to pay attention to the layout of the world, so that as much light as possible can be directed to our apartment. The floor on which the apartment is located is also important.

What else to look at?

For the tenant, the location and surroundings of the building will always be crucial. Today, a large number of parking spaces and convenient access to public transport are important. Deciding to choose a flat in the city, it is also worth checking whether there are green areas in the area that can be used for recreation and the necessary service premises. The appearance and quality of finishing of the common areas and the immediate surroundings of the investment are also very important. They determine the first impression of a potential tenant.

The purchase of an apartment for investment purposes is a good alternative to investing money. However, it is important to think about such a "location" in the long term, so that the expenses incurred on finishing and arranging the apartment can be returned. Choosing the right apartment and location will certainly bring the expected profits.