What should you know before you go to a gold and silver purchasing place? What should you pay attention to in particular? First of all, it is worth remembering that the price of gold is much higher than silver. Therefore, in case of a small amount of silver, it is hard to count on a higher profit. If we sell gold items, the content of the gold itself and its sample is important.

If we are afraid that someone might lower the weight of the gold or try to "make money on us", we can go to another reputable point, which in addition to selling, also deals with the valuation of individual items. One of such places is the Mint of Cracow.

Buying gold, is it worth buying "recycled" gold?

Many people decide to visit gold collection points. They are primarily interested in the attractive price of gold offered by buyers. Often people planning a wedding, before ordering rings, decide to visit such a point to purchase the gold needed to make rings. Often this solution turns out to be financially attractive. The only thing you need to pay attention to is a gold sample. Most often the rings offered by jewelry stores are made in 585 sample. If you buy gold of a lower sample, you will need more of this metal to make rings or other type of jewelry.

Buying gold and silver, is it worth it?

If you compare silver and gold and the possible profits associated with buying and selling them, gold performs much better. First of all, its price is much higher. Silver also comes with a 25% tax. Therefore, if we are thinking about buying silver in the form of investments or financial security, it is worth remembering that its price must increase by 25% in order for us to receive the capital for which we bought this metal.

Gold, in terms of financial security, in the form of gold bars, gold objects, and even old coins or decorations - is a safer investment. At present, its price seems to be fixed and high. However, gold has an aesthetic function, unlike silver, which is a material used in various types of industry, which may be associated with an increase in its price. However, in order for the investment in silver to pay off, as its price increases due to its usefulness, it would be necessary to buy really huge amounts of this metal.

What can we sell in gold and silver purchases?

In principle, we can sell all items containing silver or gold. Also items entirely made of these metals. We often buy old coins, minted from gold or silver, medals or jewelry. Prices are usually given per gram of metal, in case of gold, additionally prices are given in relation to sample 585. It is also possible to sell pure gold or silver.