A modern personal account is not only used to receive remuneration and make transfers. Modern ROR helps you save money, allows you to use the bank's services regardless of the location and working hours of your branches, and even... provides assistance in case of unforeseen events. How to choose the best one?

According to PRNews, at the end of Q1 2019[1]. the banks have been running 33.1 million ROR. This is 270 thousand more than in the previous quarter and as much as 1.7 million more than in the same period last year. The reason for the growing banking deficit of Poles is not only a natural demographic shift and increased access to banking products, but also a growing awareness of the benefits of running ROR.
Modern ROR - more than a regular account
Many people see RORs as bank accounts used primarily to receive receipts and settle payments. Indeed. This was the aim of the creators of the first personal accounts. But modern accounts are much more modern. They provide users not only with the ability to perform basic operations, but also with access to additional services that make everyday life easier. Convenient mobile application, attractive interest-bearing deposits, assistance insurance - what profits can users of modern accounts count on?

5 benefits of using a modern ROR

  • Possibility to bank independently of bank branches. Thanks to a convenient mobile application you will be able to bank anytime and anywhere, regardless of working hours and location of bank branches. The application will also provide you with access to limited offers (e.g. deposits with an above-average interest rate), the possibility to check the balance in just a few seconds or make a transfer without knowing the recipient's account number.
  • BLIK. BLIK is a groundbreaking system that allows you to make payments in stationary and online shops, issue checks, and even withdraw money from an ATM with a smartphone. No payment card!
  • Support in saving. Although a personal account is not directly aimed at saving, it should support you. How? By offering attractively priced savings accounts and deposits.
  • Support in case of unforeseen expenditure. If you do not have savings, choose an account with a revolving debit line. If there are any unforeseen expenses in your path, the money is at your fingertips. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each receipt will automatically pay back and renew the limit, and you don't have to remember the payment dates. However, remember that such a debit line is a credit product. If you want to get it, you will have to provide the bank with documents confirming the amount and source of income.

Support in difficult situations. Did you know that with a modern personal account you can gain access to assistance insurance, providing professional home and medical care? Just one phone call to the emergency centre is enough for you to receive support in case of equipment failure, burglary, damaged locks, lost keys, flooding, fire, and even in case of an accident or sudden illness (including a child).
But what about charges? Does the wide range of additional services force banks to charge additional fees? Fortunately, no.

Can a modern personal account be cheap?

There is no doubt that banks must earn. However, they do not have to charge additional fees for a wide range of services. An effective solution, which allows you to combine attractive services with low costs, are conditionally free accounts. Such accounts usually offer access to many life-enhancing amenities and become free of charge if the bank's requirements are met. In order to avoid fees, it may be necessary to perform several non-cash transactions per month, to order a transfer of remuneration to the account or to maintain a certain balance.

For whom the terms and conditions account?

Choosing an account with terms and conditions will prove to be a great success, especially for those who will fulfil them without much effort, by the way. If you have to make a good effort to meet the requirements, there is a great risk that your motivation will drop over time. If you do not meet the criteria, the bank will charge additional fees in accordance with the agreement. And you will expose your wallet to additional, completely unnecessary costs.

[1] The survey was conducted by PRNews. More information here - https://prnews.pl/raport-prnews-pl-rynek-kont-osobistych-i-kw-2019-443348.

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