Server administrator, server administration - everyone has probably already heard these terms, but what do they really mean?
A server administrator is someone who is responsible for the company's computer servers and ensures that everything runs smoothly. He does this by updating software, maintaining hardware, designing and implementing new system structures, solving technical problems, monitoring server activity and securing it. The company's computer systems are one of the most important parts of the organization, so the administrator must be prepared for any potential disaster and have a recovery plan. The scope of duties of one employee is very wide, he must have knowledge in many fields, know all operating systems, and above all, be ready to work 24 hours a day. Consequently, the value of such an employee is very high and not every company can afford to hire such a specialist. As the statistics on - show, the average salary of an administrator is 6 252 PLN. Every second server administrator receives a salary from 4 556 PLN to 8 364 PLN. For many companies this is a very high expense.
Companies offering server administration as part of external services for entrepreneurs have appeared on the market. "The most important reason why companies decide to choose an external company to administer their servers is to save money. Keeping an employee in this position is much more expensive than subscribing to a service provider. Additionally, it is a better solution in terms of security. Companies offering server administration service employ specialists in many fields, who jointly take care of a given server. So in the subscription we have a specialist e.g. separately from the backup, and separately from the mail and websites. Each of them knows their field best. One administrator cannot be the best specialist in every field. In case of a failure, a group of experts will deal with it better than one man "from everything". - says Michał Trziszka, CEO of, which offers among others server administration service.
What are the other advantages of using the server administration subscription? It's mainly availability - a dedicated employee still has limited working hours, usually from 8.00 to 16.00. For hackers these hours are not important. What if a failure occurs, e.g. during the night hours? The service provider will make sure that experts work in shifts - thanks to that we are sure that around the clock our server is taken care of by a person who will react immediately in case of failure.
If you claim that you know everything, you don't know anything - do you know these words? they also work in this case. No matter how great the administrator is, you cannot assume that he is an alpha and omega. With technology progressing from day to day, it's hard to expect one man to keep up with all areas of IT. As we wrote earlier - let the backup specialist take care of the backup, and the one from the efficiency of the servers - the servers. Let's remember that very often the success of a given task is determined by the details, which will be picked up faster by an expert in a given field.
Outsourcing of IT services is nothing new and the use of such services determines the professionalism of the company. Just as a company uses a lawyer, so can IT specialists. The biggest companies, such as Samsung or NASA, do so, and they are very good at it. - adds Michał Trziszka. Besides, the market already offers so many services in this area that every company is able to find the most suitable one for itself.