The European Union provides special measures to support entrepreneurs who would like to start their own business on the market. Many companies would not have a chance to establish themselves if it was not for the EU programme. In order to prepare well for the application for funding, it is worth gaining basic information - to whom such assistance is addressed, where to go for support in preparing an ideal business plan and what is the scope of European funds.

What exactly do the European Funds finance?

Within the framework of European support programmes for new entrepreneurs, one can count not only on EU funds for establishing a company. It also includes funding for post-graduate studies, professional courses, financial advice, helping in finding a job. The aim of creating European funds is to reduce differences between Member States.

This is why the European Union organises calls for tenders for the programmes that the Voivodeship Labour Offices carry out. The company that wins the tender organises the recruitment for the project and has funds to help new companies start up.

Who can get a start-up grant?

European funds for setting up a company are available for people who are under 30 years old, do not work or study, and for those who are over 30 years old and do not work. In the second group, obtaining a non-refundable grant is slightly more difficult, and the conditions of its allocation may vary from one province to another.

There are groups of people who can count on special considerations when deciding on competitions for EU funding. These are:

  • people over 45 years old,

  • Unemployed women,

  • people with disabilities,

  • people with particularly low education,

  • permanently unemployed people.

A well prepared business plan

The programme of European funds assumes that the received financial support is to be only the initial driving force, thanks to which it will be possible to "catch the wind in the sails". The company should not rely on the money from the Union. That is why the commissions allocating European funds for establishing a company thoroughly assess the idea of the applicant and his business plan.

Writing a business plan that will appeal to the evaluators is not easy at all. Therefore, it is worth checking whether the programme does not provide training for people whose application has been initially accepted. There are also special companies, such as those helping to raise A1 Europe funds, which provide support in this area.

Advice and search for a suitable programme

Information on current EU funding programmes can be obtained from the Labour Office (option for people registered as unemployed) or at governmental Portal of European Funds. However, it is always worthwhile to use the help of professionals. Company A1Europe They know very well how to obtain such grants. The advisors employed in it provide support not only in the selection of an appropriate project, but and in the process of creating an application, building a business plan, and thenwhen the grant awarded has to be accounted for on an ongoing basis. It is a guarantee of professional help, which significantly increases the chances of obtaining a grant.