Working in Germany is still a very attractive opportunity for many people to earn more money than in Germany. There is no shortage of older people's careers in Germany and the interest in working in Germany remains high. But is everyone suitable for such work? What are the requirements for candidates for this type of work? Do you need qualifications to earn a living in this way?

Carer Germany - do you need special qualifications to work?

Usually, in most advertisements such as German care or German work there is no indication that exceptional qualifications or skills are needed. However, one should pay attention to the specifics of such work. First of all, it will be useful to know the German language to such an extent that you can easily communicate with the person you will be taking care of, as well as with other people you will be in contact with while abroad. Another important point is that candidates for work with older people should have empathy and sensitivity, as well as commitment to what they do. It should also be borne in mind that sometimes older people are ill, e.g. lying down or require special care. In this case, it is useful to have special training, e.g. in a course for a carer for the elderly. However, this is usually indicated in the job advertisement for a specific person.

Working in Germany through an employment agency or searching for ads yourself?

A big dilemma for jobseekers is whether to take advantage of the agency's offer or look for a job on their own. If we have no experience in this type of trips, it is much better to entrust finding an agency that specializes in this type of work. It will help you find a job, as well as organize your trip and deal with the formalities associated with taking up employment outside of our country.

What to remember before going to work?

Always read the detailed job descriptions before taking on any assignment to care for an elderly person. If it does not suit you, it is better to refuse and wait for a different offer than to worry later about not being able to terminate the contract. It is also important to find out about commuting issues. No less important is also to pack properly. It is usually a long trip, so you need to take with you the right amount of clothes and lingerie changes, as well as cosmetics. If we take medicines, we cannot forget about the supply. You can also take a dictionary with you, especially if you are going for the first time, because it may turn out that there is a so-called language blockade, which may hinder efficient communication in the first days, and a dictionary at hand will make it easier to find specific words or phrases.

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