Gdańsk and the whole Tri-City is undoubtedly one of the most popular holiday and recreation destinations. However, many people would like to live here permanently and take up employment. It turns out that the local labour market is extremely absorbent and it is easy to find a job on attractive terms. How to prepare for recruitment processes? Certainly you should take care of the appearance and content of our CV. The document should contain real information in an accessible and readable form for a potential employer. Our chances of finding a job will also be increased by applying for positions that best suit our qualifications, education and professional experience. We can apply for a number of advertisements prepared in this way - however, we should remember that employers usually only contact selected candidates.

Is it worth working in Gdańsk?

Pomerania is an exceptionally attractive region, which allows for personal and professional development. A great advantage of Gdansk is also its location by the Polish sea. All this contributes to the dynamic development of the whole region - with the mentioned Gdańsk at the forefront. Both specialists, experienced employees and young people, who are just taking their first steps in their professional career, will find work here. What kind of people are most often looked for by employers? Many offers can be counted on by employees of IT, marketing, trade, construction industry and widely understood services. Casual work is also available for students and pupils, who can use their free time from university and exams. The strategic location of the whole Tri-City also has a significant impact on its communication links with other regions of the countries. Therefore, when deciding to work in Gdańsk, we can count on much more than just attractive employment conditions.

Let the recruits know

How to start looking for your dream job in Gdansk? It is certainly worth going to a place where we can find the latest job offers. It may be a good idea to visit for example. On its pages we will find advertisements, which are additionally divided based on sectors. Thanks to that, in a few moments, we can distinguish the offers we are interested in. Thanks to the service we can also apply for selected positions. Why should we direct our steps to the Internet? The development of the network has caused that it is here that employers most often place their ads. Most recruitment processes are now based on online applications. Thanks to the Internet we can also keep up to date with the latest offers without having to go out and browse through the ads.