Each employer should take care of the safety of its employees. Regardless of what kind of workplace it is, employees may be in danger. According to the law in force, the employer is obliged to provide initial training in occupational health and safety before a new employee is allowed to perform his duties. Each company should therefore have an occupational health and safety service to look after employees.

In which company must the health and safety service be set up?

In companies with less than 100 employees, the OHS service may be performed by the employer or an employee appointed by him. On the other hand, in companies with more than 100 employees, the employer is obliged to set up a health and safety service, which performs control and advisory functions. In the case of larger companies, this service does not have to be located on the premises of the company, and OSH tasks can also be commissioned to specialised companies.

What rights does the health and safety service have?

The health and safety service is authorised to carry out health and safety inspections and compliance with health and safety regulations in the workplace and other places where work is carried out. The health and safety service may also request the persons in charge of the employees to remove any identified accident hazards and occupational hazards and any health and safety deficiencies. They may also apply to employers to reward employees who are involved in improving health and safety conditions on site and to penalise employees who fail to comply with health and safety obligations. Health and safety services may stop work on a machine or plant and may also ask the employer to stop work on all or part of the plant when there is a threat to an employee's life or health, or they may remove from work employees who are employed for forbidden work or who, by their behaviour or the way they work, pose a threat to others.

Is it worthwhile to entrust the performance of health and safety service duties to a specialist company?

Employers often fear that commissioning another company to perform OSH duties is more expensive than hiring a worker. This is not the case at all. It is enough to decide on the services of the Law Office of Labour Law and Health and Safety at Work and we will see that professional services at a very high level do not have to cost so much. Additionally, the employees of Kancelaria Prawa Pracy i BHP also deal with fire protection, thanks to which we do not have to worry about training of employees in fire protection, selection of extinguishing equipment or ensuring its maintenance.
Comprehensive services in the field of occupational health and safety and fire protection do not have to cost much. All you have to do is decide to work with the right company to deal with it and you can save a lot.

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