Years of schooling can bring to mind numerous associations, also related to subjects including room equipment. Without a doubt, one of them is the chalkboard, which not only illustrates the knowledge passed on by the teacher, but also has to do with not very pleasant checking the skills of the student in the classroom. Although the school period is long over for some people, the chalkboard is nevertheless present in the offices where they work, in conference rooms and even in private homes. What is its use there?


Despite the fact that chalkboards in schools have been followed by dry-chalkboards and even interactive ones, the classic kind has never lost its popularity.

What's more, the chalkboard is increasingly being used in our homes and not necessarily only in children's rooms, but in rooms such as the kitchen or corridor. So it can serve as a scientific aid, a form of artistic play or a place where we record useful information. Currently, there are many types of this product available on the market, differing from each other primarily in terms of dimensions and the presence of additional functions.


As it has already been mentioned, a chalkboard or a dry wear plate is mainly associated with years spent on a school bench. No wonder, because it is the oldest didactic agent, used already in ancient times. The chalkboard is a more practical solution because it does not make it difficult to clean, and the chalkboard itself is easily washable from the hands or parts of the wardrobe. Another aspect that speaks for itself is the price of chalk, which is much better for your pocket than buying markers.

A school blackboard with much smaller dimensions than the one in the classroom is just as good for tutors who help students catch up.


Self-adhesive chalkboard

Self-adhesive chalkboard is a perfect solution for people who value good organization and owners of small children. You can successfully write out daily goals to achieve, save a shopping list or leave a message for one of our roommates. In the houses where toddlers live with unrestrained artistic fierceness, we can create a comfortable painting space, without later having to repaint the walls.

The self-adhesive chalkboard is just as easy to place and remove from the wall without any visible traces. As with chalk content, which can be easily washed away and corrected.

Magnetic chalkboard

Another functional solution is a magnetic chalkboard, which, in addition to the possibility of filling the surface with various contents, also enables hanging cards with magnets. The small size model will be perfect for children's rooms, where they will be able to attach written reminders from their teachers or a fine art drawing awarded with a good grade.

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Magnetic chalkboard will also find its practical application in some offices or conference rooms. The team working on a given project can easily record their ideas, assigned tasks and goals and hang various illustrations such as tables, charts, graphical inspirations.

Chalkboard to the wall

A chalkboard fixed to the wall can be used not only as a didactic function, as a reminder or as a space for creating original decorations. More and more often, a square model in a wooden frame is also used in commercial spaces such as cafés or restaurants. There is no problem with placing on the surface of the board the current promotions, dishes of the day or novelties in the menu card.

The wall chalkboard is therefore an excellent alternative to its plastic or aluminium counterparts. The classic design will fit perfectly into both traditional and modern arrangements, being at the same time an excellent advertising medium.