Conference chairs are seemingly secondary or even marginal participants in conferences, trainings or workshops. However, in order to ensure the comfort of participants during meetings lasting several hours and sometimes several days, the organiser must also take care of this piece of equipment. Conference chairs with armrests, folding or maybe those with a special desktop? How to choose the best and most suitable?

Conference office chairs and their short history

The first prototypes of office chairs appeared already in the 19th century. The development of industrialization and railroads increased the demand for office workers, and the owners had to provide them with suitable places to work. Quite quickly and exceptionally rightly they came to the conclusion that the productivity of a subordinate can be positively influenced, among other things by offering him a comfortable seat. However, ergonomics became a priority when designing chairs only in the 1970s.

Lobos conference chairs and armchairs

Conference chairs with armrests or conference chairs with a desktop?

Contemporary conference office chairs are exceptionally refined in terms of comfort and ergonomics. Manufacturers excel in the use of newer and newer technologies, such as suitable upholstery, which improves air circulation while sitting or self-fitting backrests. Organizers, trying to adapt seats to the needs of people participating in conferences or trainings, most often struggle with the dilemma of choosing a conference chair with a desktop or a conference chair with armrests.

The clear majority of seats are equipped with elbow and forearm rests. Not without reason. Ergonomics experts recommend that when sitting for long periods of time your hands should be bent in the elbow joint at an angle of about 90 degrees and armrests should be a natural extension of the tabletop, if any. This arrangement of the forearms is virtually impossible without the use of armrests, so they find their place and use in most models.

Conference chairs with a dashboard are increasingly common in training rooms or university auditoriums. The presence of a tabletop clearly helps to take notes in comfort or to keep necessary trinkets in close proximity. The foldable desktop also allows for reasonable management of the available space.

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Small interiors and folding conference chairs

As organisers of workshops or press conferences, we can encounter the problem of small and unsuitable rooms, where it is not possible to hold large numbers of seats and organise conferences on a daily basis. Reliable, folding conference chairs come with help. They will allow you to arrange most of the rooms so that they become perfect places to meet with the media, contractors or others, interested in discussing a given issue together. Foldable seats are also often equipped with castors that help to make even better use of available space. An additional advantage of this type of seats is their relatively low and attractive price.

Conference chairs - price

Conference office chairs are characterized by an exceptionally large price spike. The simplest models, devoid of any amenities, can be bought by paying even less than 100 zloty each. The prices of chairs equipped with armrests, desktops and other useful elements range from 200 to 1000 PLN. However, if you want to boast about a piece of furniture that is comfortable, exceptionally designed and has an aura of high aesthetics, you have to prepare for an expense of up to two thousand zlotys! These slightly more expensive models also offer great opportunities for personalization and matching the purchase to your individual needs and expectations.