A job interview is a huge stress for almost every candidate applying for a specific position. Even if we have all the necessary qualifications to perform specific duties and have a lot of experience in the industry, we can feel anxiety. After all, we are faced with complete strangers who may become our future employers and in addition will scrupulously evaluate us. And I don't think anyone feels comfortable in such a situation. So how to prepare for a job interview to gain more confidence? Here are some hints.

Meet your potential employer

As soon as we receive an invitation to an interview, our first step should be to find out about the company we might be working for. Nowadays it is much simpler than a dozen years ago. Almost every company has its own websites and social media profiles. So let's take some time to find out what exactly it does, what its mission is and what entities it works with. It is worth to look through the news page carefully to have knowledge about what is currently happening in such a company. Having such knowledge will show the employer that we are really trying.

Prepare yourself for the most frequently asked questions

There is no denying that almost every job interview follows a certain pattern. So we can predict to some extent what questions will be asked. A recruiter can at least ask us why we want to change jobs or why we gave up our previous employment. Very often there are also questions about the candidate's strengths and weaknesses and how they deal with difficult situations or problems in the company. Therefore, candidates are asked to give examples of such situations in their careers.

It is also a difficult question for many people to ask about earnings. A recruiter (e.g. the HR Strategy Agency) may ask us what our expectations are regarding remuneration, so it is worth to think about this issue beforehand. It is worth taking into account our previous earnings, but also the average salary in the industry in which we work and our qualifications.

Take care of the right outfit

The first impression is still the most important, so let's take care of the professional image at the interview. Our outfit should be elegant, but not exaggerated. In the case of men, traditional suits still prevail, while ladies aim at suits with trousers or skirts. There are no obstacles, however, to choose slightly more modern options for such a meeting, which can be found in semi elegant and business casual styles. The most important thing is that our outfit expresses respect for the person with whom we will talk about work.

Training makes the master

If only we have time for this, we should practice the interview at home. You can ask someone from family or friends for help, but it is also worth practicing in front of the mirror. This allows us to see elements of our behaviour that are not always welcome, such as excessive gesticulation. If, on the other hand, we are going to play such a meeting with one of our loved ones, let us ask such a person to try to surprise us with a question. This way, we will also be able to practice less comfortable situations for us.