How to change the industry and be successful? Change your job with Adconnect

Despite many years of working for the same company, do you still feel bored or frustrated? Or maybe you are chronically tired and your work does not satisfy you? Or do you see no further career prospects for yourself and feel that you haven't developed and are standing still for a long time? Maybe it's a sign that you need a change of heart, that is a complete change not only of the company, but of the position you work in. Maybe this is the right time to start browsing through job offers? []

Why doesn't your current job satisfy you anymore?

In fact, there may be many factors, but if you have previously enjoyed your current position for a long time, but it has gradually begun to fade away, you may not feel you have the opportunity to continue to pursue your career. Another reason may be the burnout that results from overwork caused by either over-involvement in your duties, a desire for promotion without rest periods or the fear of dismissal. In both cases the so-called work-life balance, i.e. the harmony between private and professional life, has been disturbed. If you have often brought problems from work to your home or, worse still, you have continued to work after work and have been answering work phone calls in your private time, there is a good chance that this imbalance has led to burnout and work fatigue. It is likely that your colleagues have already got used to the fact that you are also available in your free time, and that you are completely committed to your work, so they are partially charging you with their obligations to your employer. You may feel too tired of your job to be able to perform in another company in the same position.

What to do in such a situation?

Therefore, it is a good idea to change and apply for a different position than before. Perhaps new career prospects will open up for you as an employee with many years of experience, you will gain more satisfaction from your work and everyday challenges will start to be fun again. In order to gain a better chance of employment in a new position, create a professional CV in the online CV wizard [].