Running a company requires us to use innovative solutions that will make it easier to manage such business and make key decisions. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is so important to use sales support systems. Such an offer for translation agencies was prepared already 13 years ago. Check what the specialists from

It was then that Lido Lang, a Krakow-based translation agency, prepared a modern system to support the operation of the translation agency. This is the XTRF system. The contractor for this system was a team of IT specialists from the European Institute of Information Technology and EUTECert Certification. For several years, the system was designed exclusively for the translation agency for which it was developed, i.e. Lido-Land. The situation changed at the beginning of September 2010, when XTRF became an organization and separated from its parent companies. Therefore, a new independent company was established and started to manage the system. It is this new company that now has the right to distribute, promote the system and conduct sales. Also the after-sales and technical customer service belongs to XTRF.

How was the system prepared?

XTRF is a modern system, which is based on web browser technology. That is why it is a very convenient solution from this site, because every client can work with this system on any computer, if only they have access to the Internet. Through the http or https protocol it is possible to connect to the system, which will enable us to work. This becomes possible regardless of which browser we use. The entire XTRF installation will take place on either your own or an external server. From the technical point of view, it can be noted that the system was prepared in java technology. It uses PostgreSQL database. Thanks to this, the system is able to provide cheap security of all data storage. It is convenient to archive data, you can easily create copies of security, there is a possibility to restore lost data from any point in time. Data stored in the system will be protected by individual logging. The manufacturers of the system also introduce an SSL security certificate, so you can expect that an unauthorized person will not have access to data concerning our business.


Prepared to work in multiple languages

It is also worth noting that the XTRF system has a total of 20 language engines. Thanks to this the possibilities it gives us are enormous. It is possible to work in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese or Ukrainian. For the convenience of users, the manufacturer has also prepared an option related to the handling of international UTF-8 character sets.

What do we get with the purchased system?

First of all, of course, the entire XTRF system is a complete, ready to use program. In addition, the PostgreSQL database, JBoss application server and Java virtual machine. Users can also count on full technical support while using this particular system.

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