If you like to put your boards on your feet and ski is your favourite sport, you may also want to expand your skills to meet people and improve your skills. If you like it, you can go deeper into the techniques associated with learning how to ski. By participating in the training you will have the opportunity to prepare for such work to perform your tasks in various situations. What the specialists at malta.edu.pl say

You can be a professional instructor

The skiing courses will primarily consist of working with the student to improve and improve the skiing technique as well as skills related to teaching and teaching methods of skiing. The future instructor must acquire master's skills and have appropriate knowledge related to human motor development in order to possibly think about overcoming movement barriers.

Theory and practice during the course

Classes will start with theory on such a course. This will include a video analysis, a presentation of skiing equipment and advice on what to do when selecting equipment. Instructors will present how to prepare the equipment and what rules are imposed by FIS. The teaching methodology will be implemented and the theoretical course will end with a test. From the practical point of view, there may be much more and the courses will have a broader character. There will be actions aimed at what looks like the figure setting, access position. Track weir, in teams and individual driving are presented. The course instructor presents the techniques of moving on a flat slope, slightly and strongly descending. On the instructors' side there will also be a presentation of methodical exercises, which will be performed by the course instructors. Then, possible mistakes are searched for, corrected and the assurance is presented. During the practical classes, methodical exercises should be performed. In addition to this, each of the course participants must also conduct their own classes with the trainees.



If you want to become a ski instructor you will have to meet the form and examination requirements. You will need to pass a test in basic and advanced techniques. Measures are taken to test the skills in the slalom, knowledge of skiing techniques and the ability to demonstrate them. Everyone has to prepare a special outline within the examination and also take care of the skiing lessons, during each course the participant will also have to pass the skiing theory.

Something about skiing

Skiing is a discipline which, from the amateur side, has a growing number of supporters every year. Skiing gives people a wide range of different emotions, from quiet skiing to snow parks, which require a lot of skills, but give a unique feeling of freedom. Such a ride can be unique, it will give us a lot of fun, it will make us feel a bit more freedom. The new slopes have a better and better prepared tourist environment and thanks to that their offer can also be better and better.

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