Sprayers are widely used in the agricultural industry - they are sprayed on almost every type of crop. The dynamic development that takes place in this sector of economy caused farms to become larger and larger and specialized equipment is needed to meet their needs. Therefore, self-propelled sprayers are becoming more and more popular, offering much more possibilities than traditional equipment. What characterizes this equipment and how does it affect the functioning of farms with large areas?

What is a sprayer?

Traditional sprayers are mounted directly on the rear of the tractor or have the form of an autonomous trailer on wheels. The design and principle of operation is extremely simple. The whole system consists of a liquid tank and nozzles, connected to it by thin tubes. Some of the sprayers can be folded out, which significantly increases the range of impact and is suitable for larger spaces. However, smaller, mobile versions still do not meet the growing needs of large farms. This is where self-propelled versions come in handy. If you are looking for a place where you could buy or closer to the functionalities of such equipment, it is worth going to Tyszowiec in the Lubelskie Province. There is a reputable salon with agricultural equipment, where we will be able to match the sprayer, will be the most suitable for us. More information on https://arpis-tyszowce.pl/opryskiwacze .

Self-propelled sprayer - equipment for special tasks

The self-propelled sprayers look a bit like a small harvester on thin, high wheels. On some models, the cab and the entire body is more than 3 metres high! This allows you to spray developed crops. The length of work on one tank is incomparably longer, compared to other types of sprayers. In addition, most modern equipment has a huge arm span, which reduces the number of necessary repetitions.

mounted sprayers

Efficiency - the biggest advantage of self-propelled sprayers

These sprayers allow you to spray on already developed crops, and thanks to the large wheel clearance (which, by the way, are very thin for the same reasons) you can make the necessary intervention while minimizing any losses. The clearances of some machines exceed 2 metres. Besides, self-propelled sprayers are a guarantee of increased productivity - using old-fashioned equipment on large farms would certainly be an ordeal.

High quality means high price

You have to pay a lot for the above mentioned comfort. Prices of used self-propelled sprayers start from several dozen zlotys. However, the cost of better equipment is already several hundred thousand or even over a million PLN (for new vehicles). For small farms this may be an absolute limit, but when the area is counted in tens or hundreds of thousands of hectares, investment in appropriate facilities seems necessary.

Sprayers are the equipment that is the basis of every farmer's equipment. Their different versions are better suited to different types of farms. If quality and efficiency are the top priority, it is a good idea to opt for self-propelled sprayers. In many cases this is a price to pay.