For packing gifts we usually use ready-made wrapping paper or coloured bags. Easy, quick and pleasant. There is no need to bother with manual packaging of your gifts. At most a few hand movements to wrap the gift in fairy-tale paper, glued star or decorative bow and you're done. And what if you were to look for more creative solutions and make the gift enjoyable even before it is unpacked?

Universal boxes, not trivial at all

We used to use the cartons when moving, transporting and when we do general cleaning and some things have to be taken to the basement. Boring, grey, but durable and fulfilling its function. Who would have thought that the same cartons would be used to pack our gifts! Of course, we are not talking about the grey and ordinary ones, although they probably leave a lot of room for the ambitious ones. Let's take a look at the various cardboard boxes, which are colourful, shapely and allow you to pack your gift in an original way.

In our hands we hold a set of crystal glasses for our beloved aunt. Another time it's a delicate porcelain figurine that your sister liked so much. For our friend's birthday, we want to give him a bottle with his favourite drink. All of these products are characterized by one thing - delicacy and susceptibility to damage or bruising. Packages in the form of an ordinary paper bag or a decorative roll of wrapping paper are not an option. So what to choose?

For example, the products offered by the packaging wholesaler can help. Colorful boxes are shaped and durable. In fact, in their minimalism and simplicity lies the strength. Without unnecessary decorations, graphics or prints, which are sometimes hard to match the occasion. Maximum aesthetics and, above all, protection for packaged gifts.

Aesthetic box for... the president?

Such cardboard, colourful or white boxes, contrary to appearances, are suitable as gifts for everyone. We can put a trifle in them, which is to be given to the boss or co-worker. We can also send a gadget to a regular customer, as well as a potential customer to whom we want to send a gadget, encouraging them to choose our services.

Aesthetics and elegance are the most important here. It's a universal way of packing and you don't have to worry about whether it suits your circumstances or the person you're giving. It's simple, with no prints that could be misunderstood. And it's still a durable cardboard packaging in which we place even the most delicate and fragile item.

On these seemingly ordinary and one-colour boxes, you can additionally place the chosen inscription. This is a way to advertise, promote or create a packaging that is almost a personalized gift. People who like DIY will benefit from such proposals, and they will be able to come up with new ideas for interesting decorations. Therefore, we are faced with a universal product, because it is suitable for packaging a gift for everyone, and on the other hand, it leaves a lot of possibilities. Let's throw away standard handbags for a moment and let's try to choose decorative cardboard boxes.

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