A hot glue gun is a piece of equipment that many DIY enthusiasts reach for. It is comfortable, easy to use and extremely useful, however, its improper selection makes us resign from its further use after a few applications. How to choose the equipment to fulfill its tasks?

What hot-glue gun?

Hot glue guns are very popular because they are extremely versatile. They can be used, among others, for:

  • They can be used for gluing elements made of plastic,
  • various types of assembly work,
  • ceramic repairs,
  • grouting,
  • filling of scratches,
  • sealing holes.

If we want to get the most universal equipment possible, when choosing a gun we should pay attention first of all to the set of working tips. The cheapest gun models are usually equipped with one nozzle, which does not provide high precision. With such a device we will be able to perform only a limited range of work - basic bonding.

More expensive gun models have more precise working tips that can be replaced. This makes it possible to carry out a variety of small repairs.

When choosing a device, it is also worthwhile to pay attention to the battery capacity. The higher it is, the bigger and heavier the device we deal with. However, it does not require as frequent charging as in the case of small batteries, so we do not have to stop working.

If we care about continuity of work, let us choose a model equipped with a power cord. It must be long enough for gluing to take place in comfortable conditions. This type of equipment is less mobile, but it provides work without interruptions, as long as we have constant access to power.

How to choose a hot glue gun? The most important parameter

When deciding to buy a hot-melt glue gun, we should first of all pay attention to its power. This is the most important parameter, which affects, among others:

  • The time it takes to warm up the machine to working temperature,
  • convenience of use,
  • The possibility of glue leaks.

The higher the power, the shorter the waiting time for the heater to warm up to operating temperature. For the most powerful devices - up to 500 W - it takes about two minutes. The weakest guns extend this time even four times.

Moreover, less power increases the risk of adhesive leaks. There is a tendency among users to use the trigger before the heater reaches the right temperature, which leads to glue leakage.

On the market we can find glue guns not only with 500 W, but also cheap 10-30 W models. They will prove themselves in modeling, small repair works and making decorations and ornaments.

If we are just beginning our adventure with hot gluing, it is worth to choose a gun that will have a temperature indicator. When the heater gets too hot, a warning diode will light up, which will inform the user about the need to reduce the temperature.

If we are afraid that such a protection is not sufficient, we can try a model with a built-in thermostat. It will automatically switch off the gun in order not to overheat and consequently destroy it.

There are many hot-melt glue guns on the market. They differ in many parameters of use. Analyzing the power of the device, the battery capacity or the type of the attached working tips we can easily adapt the device to our needs.

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