Hockers are high chairs, which only a few years ago we met in bars. Now they have conquered our apartments. No wonder, because they are comfortable, designer and perfectly complement the arrangement of the kitchen or living room.

Hockey chairs, where do you put them?

Hockers are perfect for the kitchen or living room. The high chairs that have been added to the kitchen island look beautiful and you can sit comfortably on them. They look just as good at a shoulder in the living room. The kitchen is open to the living room and offers great possibilities of arrangement, among others for the kitchen bar. Without the hockers, their decor would not be complete. Not only the kitchen island is a suitable place for high seats. They can be placed at the kitchen peninsula or an ordinary worktop fixed to the wall.

Hocker ranking

The most popular are hockers with upholstered seat and small backrest. In second place there are chairs on wheels that can be easily moved. Simple, wooden high hockers that look like stools are very popular. Many people choose minimalist hocker designs, with chrome elements, in black and white. Another item is chairs with bucket seats. Do not forget the swivel hockers and those made of plastic with an openwork seat. The offer of shops is huge and everyone will find the right one for their needs.

How to choose the right hocker?

Hockers, which offer shops, differ not only in appearance, but also in parameters. The most important thing to pay attention to is their height. It must be adjusted to the height of the top at which they will stand. A classic island or bar is usually 90 cm high. This is the height of kitchen cabinets. Another height used is 110 cm. The chair is at least 20 cm lower than the height of the countertop. Otherwise it will be uncomfortable and non-functional. The solution can be chairs with adjustable height. It is also worth noting that the foot rest is 40 cm lower than the seat. Chairs with armrests and backrest are a comfortable form. You can sit on them more comfortably.


The wide selection allows you to choose the right hockers for every style. White with chrome elements will be perfect for Scandinavian style interiors. Leather-clad, colourful chairs will look beautiful in a classic living room. Transparent, chromium-plated will complete the modern arrangement. Wooden, tall, in the form of stools, will fit into the kitchen island style. The chair can create a uniform composition with the rest of the furniture, but it can also be chosen by contrast. Then it will be an interesting and eye-catching decorative element. Modern models in vivid colours are ideal even for small kitchens, because they attract attention and give the whole interior a lightness.

What else to pay attention to when choosing hockers?

The stability of the chair is very important. Whether a chair has four legs or just one with a support does not determine whether it is stable enough. User safety is paramount. Therefore, check the chair in the shop. The Meblujesz.pl store expert advises you to pay attention to the materials of which hocker is made. Often a plastic seat is much more comfortable than looking comfortable, upholstered. It depends on proper profiling. In a small space, chairs that can be inserted into each other will work. When not in use, they do not take up space. It is worth thinking about buying height-adjustable chairs when the height of the household members varies considerably. This will allow you to adjust the chair to your height. If you often use hockers, then those with a backrest will be more comfortable.

When choosing a high chair, no matter if it is made of plastic, metal or wood, you should be guided by your own taste and the character of the interior in which you want to place it. It is important to match it visually to the rest of the equipment. It is to be a comfortable equipment that will be safe and we will enjoy it for a long time. That's why you have to make sure that all the parameters of a hocker meet our expectations.

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