Nowadays, many people decide to practice sport regularly. Among popular disciplines, running or cycling is the most popular. Many people also use the gym. However, some people prefer to exercise at home, because they can do their training in peace, without the presence of outsiders, and also at a time of their choice. Such home physical activity also saves a lot of time, because you don't have to get in the car or public transport to get to the fitness club of your choice. Good devices for exercise at home are training atlases. What should you know about them to choose a good model?

The most frequently bought home training equipment includes a stationary bicycle, treadmill or a rower. But that is not all. The exercise atlas is also a very attractive device, which allows you to strengthen different parts of the body. First of all, you can see it at the gym, but nothing stands in the way of buying this kind of equipment at home. Currently, the price of atlases ranges from a thousand to even several thousand zlotys, and it all depends on how solid the construction is and what functions the device offers.

What is an exercise atlas?

Training atlases are multifunctional devices, the main advantage of which is that they have several workstations that allow for different exercises. First of all, they are used to shape the muscles of the arms, chest, back or abdomen. In the atlases, you can find such elements as: upper and lower lift, prayer book, butterfly or an inclined bench. It is an ideal equipment for beginner amateurs of physical exertion, because it minimizes the risk of injury, e.g. in comparison with exercises with free weights.

Training atlas - what should it be?

Many people are wondering, what kind of exercise atlas Choose it so that you can fully enjoy its advantages. Without a doubt, it is worth betting on models from reputable manufacturers to make sure that your equipment is properly prepared and will not cause injuries. The issue of warranty is very important - training atlases are so advanced devices that they should have a minimum warranty for 24 months. What else to pay attention to when buying a training atlas?

a)Dimensions - you should carefully get acquainted with the dimensions of the atlas, so that it does not turn out after the purchase that it will not fit in the designated room. Atlases usually take up quite a lot of space, so you can not underestimate this issue.

b)Construction - must be robust, e.g. made of steel. Only models made of high quality materials will ensure the safety of the practitioner and allow for long-term use of the equipment.

c)Available functions - the more exercises you can do on a given atlas, the better. It is worth choosing them according to your own needs. Of course, you should also take into account that the more functions a given device has, the more expensive it will be.

d)Load - each atlas offers a specific maximum load that the user can exercise with. It is good to choose them with the future in mind. Regular workouts will certainly allow you to take advantage of the increasing loads, so it is worth thinking about a specific stock in the equipment load.

e) Maximum weight of the user - as it is the case with any training equipment, also in the case of atlases the maximum weight of the person exercising is important. This should be taken into account especially if the user weighs about 100 kg or more.

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