Growing use of cloud solutions in enterprises makes the security of stored data more and more important. Companies that transfer their resources in cloud environments most often decide to train their IT staff in the available security measures (53% of indications) or to cooperate with an external partner specializing in the solution (30% of indications) - according to the latest report "Cloud Security" published by CloudPassage. Moreover, 33% of companies plan to increase their cloud management budget within the next 12 months.

- Cloud solutions offer a very high level of corporate data security. However, inaccurate management of cloud infrastructure can cause numerous threats and cause, among others, leakage or loss of valuable information. Entrepreneurs realize that an unskilled team can be dangerous, so they are willing to train their employees or cooperate with an external partner dedicated to this issue. However, regardless of the chosen way of taking care of safety, the awareness itself is important, which can be seen not only in foreign, but also in Polish companies. Every year, more and more customers come to us who want a proven and reliable solution when moving to the cloud," says Jakub Hryciuk, Managing Director of Onex Group.

The security guard... employee

The "Cloud Security" report shows that companies that move their resources to the cloud environment, in order to increase the security of the solution, decide to train and certify their current IT staff (53% of indications). The second place is occupied by cooperation with an external service provider indicated by 30% of entrepreneurs, and the third place is the use of software that comes from independent manufacturers (27%). One in four companies declared that they will build a dedicated security team. The experts point out that the choice of an appropriate way of operation depends largely on the size of the company.

Data security in the cloud

- Large companies that have dedicated IT teams should start by training them to have the right knowledge and skills to secure the cloud environment. It is then their responsibility to pass this knowledge on to other employees. However, a small or medium-sized company often does not have a permanent IT employee to look after the cloud tools it uses. Finding and properly training such a person can be difficult and expensive, so it is often better and cheaper to use an external partner who is responsible for the overall operation of the tool. Often such a company organizes dedicated trainings for all employees using the cloud so that they know the basic principles of safe use of cloud environment," says Rafał Suchożebrski, Sales Director at Onex Group.

Budgets for the cloud are growing

Entrepreneurs realize that appropriate security is one of the key issues in the use of cloud solutions. Therefore, as many as 33% of companies declare that within the next 12 months they will increase the budget for cloud computing and security of this solution, 57% will not change their current expenses, and only one in ten companies will decide to reduce it. What will companies invest in? Among cloud solutions, the unquestionable leader in the nearest future will be Office 365, which shows the highest growth dynamics. In a few years it has a chance to overtake other similar tools, becoming a dominant choice for entrepreneurs. Thanks to its popularity, the knowledge about Office 365 will be more accessible and, consequently, it will be easier to train employees and implement them in the secrets of safe use of the cloud.