Awareness of the large amount of pollutants present in the air is growing in our country. All this makes us pay more attention to what we inhale. It is not surprising that such devices as air purifiers and humidifiers are popular.

Thanks to these electrical equipment, we are able to effectively adjust the conditions in our home. This is especially important when we live in a big city or struggle with inefficient ventilation, through which the humidity level is inadequate.

Of course, in order to enjoy clean, fresh air, we should purchase devices of appropriate quality, as well as those with appropriate technical parameters. And that is what we will do today.

Air purifiers - how to choose?

Much is said about the fact that there are many species of plants that act as natural air filters. However, they are not as effective as scrubbers, especially those properly selected for the specifics and dimensions of the room they are in. Their action is to suck in polluted air, filter it out and then release it back.

All this allows for very effective elimination of all harmful compounds, especially small dusts, which affect, among other things, the condition of our respiratory system.

When deciding on air purification, we should pay attention first of all to the type of filter used. This is because it mainly affects the efficiency (or lack thereof) of the device. Among the best filters we can mention photocatalytic and electrostatic filters. Their greatest advantage is that apart from removing contaminants they also fight allergens and bacteria.

HEPA filters are also appreciated by users, but they are available in different classes. The higher it is, the more effective the filtration process will be.

What else should you pay attention to when choosing an air purifier?

Undoubtedly, filters are the most important elements of this type of equipment. However, it is also worth mentioning various technical parameters, which are also important. The efficiency of the cleaners is primarily influenced by their power. The higher the power, the faster the airborne pollutants will be removed.

It is also always worth checking the maximum area in which the air purifier is able to operate. It is given in square meters - the cheapest models can handle a room of only 8 square meters, while the best ones stand out with a parameter of even 100 square meters.

Many high quality scrubbers also have special mechanisms that automatically detect the level of contamination and adjust their performance on the basis of it. To all this, we can also add a control panel with numerous indicators to check what air quality is in a particular room.

Air humidifiers - how to choose?

In this way we move on to the second device, which is responsible for adjusting the humidity level, which may turn out to be low especially in winter when using heating devices. Dry air can dry out the skin and respiratory system and cause sleep problems and mood drops, so it's worth keeping it properly humidified.

This, of course, is what special devices are doing, which are available on the market in several varieties, differing in their mode of operation. We replace the air humidifier.

  • Steam - its construction consists mainly of a water tank, which is heated by a heating mechanism. In this way, steam is created - it is forced into the room, which increases the humidity level. Due to the use of the heating mechanism, the temperature in the room may rise slightly,
  • evaporative - in this case we are dealing with a device that absorbs air and then leads to its humidification and cooling. This produces a cold mist that humidifies the air,
  • Ultrasonic - definitely the most advanced equipment. It works by breaking down water molecules, which also leads to misting. Air humidification in this edition is very effective.

What else should I pay attention to when choosing an air humidifier?

As with air purifiers, there are several important technical parameters to consider.

We are of course talking about the power of the device and the area of operation. It is also good to check the capacity of the water tank and any additional functions that make it much easier to use the equipment in question. We should mention mainly the hygrometer, which analyzes the level of air humidity and on this basis adjusts the operation of the device.

The use of both cleaners and humidifiers allows to definitely improve the quality of air in a flat and house, so it is worth considering their purchase. Of course, we should always check their most important technical parameters first.

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