The increasing variety of communication tools makes it very important to choose the communication channel, i.e. the method of transmitting information, to communicate with another person. Such a choice is also faced by entrepreneurs, who have to decide what communication methods will work in their company. One of the most interesting possibilities, bringing many benefits, is the technology that enables employees to communicate in real time.

The communication tools currently available for enterprises can be prioritized both in terms of time of receiving feedback and involvement in the process of information exchange. - Real-time communication is the solution that most engages the employee's attention and also allows for almost immediate feedback. Thanks to this, it works well in those aspects of business where speed and precision of information exchange have priority. The tools of real-time communication include telephone calls, VoIP and SIP calls and video calls - says Jarosław Pazgrat, Managing Director of MCX Telecom.

Application of real time communication

In the company, the employer may, depending on his or her needs, select any areas in which employees will use this type of communication. However, there are a number of situations in which it will prove extremely effective:

- contact within project groups - equipping small teams with technologies enabling real-time communication will allow not only for a more efficient flow of information, but above all for its clarification. Thanks to this, the group will save time necessary to clarify misunderstandings.

- a company with a dispersed employment structure - the development of technology has made it possible for an employee who is currently at home to take advantage of all the facilities he could find in the office. Modern videoconferencing devices allow for contact with up to two hundred people at the same time, which significantly increases the efficiency of the tasks performed.

A tool for communication in the company

- Company-client communication - an example of using real-time communication to improve customer service is the introduction of a videoconsultation service, thanks to which a consultant could not only talk to the reporting persons, but also, for example, demonstrate a solution to a given problem.

Communication available for everyone

Thanks to the use of the latest IT solutions, real-time communication tools are available as part of a larger whole - UC (Unified Comunication, integrated communication) and can be distributed as a UCaaS service. UCaaS also includes elements such as: text communication, presence management or group work tools such as desktop sharing. This implementation model significantly reduces the costs of implementation and maintenance of such solutions (e.g. by not having internal company servers), thanks to which companies from the SME sector can also afford to use real-time communication. - The affordability of UCaaS solutions is significantly affected by the fact that it eliminates investment costs and speed of service implementation. Moreover, cloud technology provides flexibility, which means that a company is billed for as many licenses as it actually needs, at any given time, and can smoothly regulate their number - says Jarosław Pazgrat. In addition, the communication tools in UCaaS system carry out calculations in the Cloud Computing model, i.e. in the virtual cloud. Thanks to this, solutions in this area are now available anywhere in the world.

In a modern enterprise, more and more depends on effective information flow. However, apart from the type of communication tools used, it is equally important that they cooperate with each other and respond to the company's needs. The constantly increasing availability of such solutions allows even smaller players to use their full potential and thus - effectively support their business.