Accounting for sole proprietorship

Is it worth investing in accounting services if we run a sole proprietorship? Is it better to run it by yourself? To what extent do we need accounting services ( when running a one-man business?

What is small bookkeeping?

One-man businesses run the so-called small accounting, which is a simplified form of accounting. It usually involves settling the company's accounts with offices on the basis of a revenue and expense ledger or a lump sum. When preparing KPiR records on the basis of accounting evidence, sales and company taxes are recorded. On their basis the amount of taxes is calculated (for example, VAT is paid). It is also often required to prepare a register of vehicles, equipment, fixed assets and intangible assets. The duties of freelancers also include drawing up inventories, even if they only perform service activities.

If we do not want all these duties to fall on our heads, it is worth thinking about the services of an accountant, without hiring her full-time - an experienced specialist will take much less time to keep the accounts of our company, and we will be able to save time that we will devote to developing our own business.

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