What are the basic elements of equipment in every hairdressing salon? What will improve customer comfort? These questions do indeed arise quite often and are sometimes asked by beginner scissor masters, who will begin their adventure in this particular industry. It's no longer known that a professional salon will be encouraging its customers from the start. But the quality of the service provided will actually depend on many different factors that every hairdresser should really know about. In this article we will tell you what you will need to remember when equipping your salon.

Hairdressing salon equipment - Barber's chairs

Seats - the first thing that matters is, of course, the convenience of both waiting and already served customers. That is why comfortable armchairs and sofas are a priority for every living room. The armchair has to be made of good quality material, it has to be properly equipped with armrests that will favour comfort. It is good if it will also have a footrest that will allow you to take a good, comfortable position for relaxation. It should also have a height adjustment which can be set either by a hydraulic or gas pump.

The most important function that must be performed is, of course, stability, which will facilitate the work of the hairdresser. Aesthetics is also important, but in general it should be remembered that what's nice doesn't always have to be comfortable. And as you know, customer comfort will be very important. At the moment it will be very difficult to choose the right furniture for your salon, because a lot is tempting in appearance, but it won't be practical and that's what you will have to watch out for.

Hairdressing salon equipment: Hairdressing mirrors

Mirrors are also an element to pay attention to. A hairdresser's mirror should also be adequately resistant to moisture. There can't be standard mirrors like in a normal bathroom. They must meet criteria and standards. Professional mirrors are made of a special material which is to be responsible for corrosion protection. It will not be acceptable for mirrors in a hairdressing salon to also cover rust.

Besides, glass should also have a good thickness. The minimum allowed is 4-5 mm. Each mirror should be framed, it should not hang on an ordinary nail because it will look bad. In every professional salon there will also be a console and so a nicely framed mirror where the client will watch the work of the hairdresser. It should also be illuminated as well, because as you know, better light gives a better working result.

Barbershop equipment: Hairdresser's stool

The stool is, above all, a special element, also called a hocker, which is supposed to guarantee the hairdresser comfort during work. It is a rotating stool with no backrest, low seating. It has the ability to adjust the rubber wheels in terms of height.

Hairdressing salon equipment: Hairdressing salon equipment

The car wash is also an important element in every salon. It should be made of high quality materials preferably in a form that has a replaceable seat. There are at least several different types available and the most frequently chosen solution is a compact car wash, which has a built-in seat or a version without a seat appears. A hairdresser's car wash is also of great interest, which will additionally provide a relaxing vibrating massage, which, apart from loosening, will also strengthen hair bulbs. This is a perfect example when it comes to the combination of pleasant and useful. Cabinets are the last additional piece of salon furniture. Trolleys for hairdressing accessories or showcases, on which elements used in a given salon can be presented. They also have to be functional, made of materials that will withstand high temperature and moisture.

External article prepared in collaboration with Mila