The demand for all sorts of things is enormous at the moment. However, somewhere you have to collect them all in order to be able to transfer them to the point of sale or for further processing. In a word, warehouses are really necessary and it is good that there are so many. But to be able to use them all more conveniently, companies need special equipment - for example, to transport heavy goods from place to place. Hence the high demand for efficient, robust storage trolleys. What are available at the moment and where can you find the best?

Storage trolleys - types and applications

Storage trolleys are transport trolleys that are used to transport things from place to place. Usually it is a short distance transport, which takes place within individual production or storage halls. It can also involve transport from the point of unloading or to the point of loading. Depending on what weight you want to carry, this type of trolley is worth choosing. There are equipment with very different loading possibilities - that is, with different weights that can be placed on it.

Among the storage trolleys, there are these universal platform transport trolleys, platform transport trolleys with a folding handle, platform trolleys with axial and basket, trolleys on pneumatic wheels as well as shelf trolleys. When choosing a storage trolley for your company, it is worth paying attention to the type of trolley, the weight that can be transported, as well as the appropriate choice of wheels. They are available in many types - for example with solid tyres, pneumatic or special heavy duty wheels.

magaynate trolley

Storage trolleys

Storage trolleys - where to find the best ones?

At the moment, there are many companies in every industry, so when it comes to the production of storage trolleys, you can find quite a big offer. However, anyone who wants to buy a really unique, efficient product, which will serve his company for many years, should be interested in BM Serwis offer. The company deals with the sale of high quality storage trolleys, which are characterized by high durability. They are available in many variants, so you can order the ones that will work best in a particular place. For example, you can find in the offer:

  • trolleys
  • trolleys for plates
  • trolleys with detachable drawbar
  • lift platform trolleys
  • electrically driven trolleys
  • openwork platform trucks
  • platform trolleys made of laminated board
  • folding platform trolleys
  • container trolleys
  • basket trolleys
  • axed opening trolleys
  • full platform trucks
  • Trailer carts.

These are just some of the many excellent storage trolleys available from this company. If you want to learn more about them, you can simply visit the BM Serwis website. The company has been in business since 1997, so it has been on the market long enough to know the needs of customers and the industry. It also adapts its offer to the changing technologies, using the facilitations that arise and which can make the work in the warehouse even more efficient.

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